2019 Spring Clean - Used Clothes Drive
Posted Mar 28, 2019

UPDATE 3/31/19: 
We collected:
Soft Items (clothes, shoes belts): 2501# @ $0.25
Hard Items (knick nacks, accessories, ect..): 526# @ $0.02
Books: 87# @ $0.02
Larger Items: 36 ea

Earning:                 $714.06
UHaul&Fuel Cost:  $159.94
Total Raised:         $554.12  

USED Clothes Drive -- and it's a fundraiser!!!
>>3/1-3/30 Do you have USED clothes you need to get rid of? Alcoa will take them! We have partnered with Value Village for one of our board sponsored fundraisers. For every 30lbs of clothes (that's a 33 gallon black garbage sack) we will receive $6. Spring Clean Time!!! Bring your bag(s) of donations on Saturdays. If other drop off arragements are needed, call Dani Steinbach 360-334-0675.