Ray Hickey Family Foundation
Posted May 28, 2019

The roots of Alcoa Little League run deep with our community.  Let me share a few of my experiences from this last month.

The weekend prior to our fire, we had a huge crew working on cleaning the gear storage area, concession stand, and the upper score tower area.  As we cleaned each area, it made me think of all the effort and time people have dedicated to our league through the years.  We found old "Car Wash" signs, handmade bean bag toss games, and years of registration paperwork.  Since the office area had been vandalized multiple times between January and March this year...there was paperwork scattered everywhere.  We sorted, shredded and found some amazing memories.  We gathered up dozens of plaques, pictures of teams, players, board members and certificates acquired over the years. Thousands of people have been a part of the Alcoa Family through the years.  Unfortunately, the totes of all that history was destroyed in the fire.

Shortly following the March 27th fire, a representative of the Hickey Family Foundation reached out to our league president, Justin Cvitkovich to let him know they wanted to help.  They provided a generous grant to Alcoa Little League.  They wanted to ensure we could continue as a Little League.  Their community outreach was amazing.

Last Friday, I was forwarded an article from the Columbian regarding Ed Barnes being honored as the “2019 Clark County First Citizen”.  In that article I read about Ed’s passion and tenacity for all the organizations he cares about.  Half way through the article I read that Ed was the Alcoa president for 13 years, and he urged the community to support our league.  What a surprise to see the connection and he sure seems like a spitfire!

While reading Ed’s article in the Columbian the little light came on over my head... Ed’s vice President was Ray Hickey.  The same Ray Hickey who started the Hickey Family Foundation.  I don’t know if it was the stress of everything happening or the moment when you feel like an idiot because you didn’t know all the facts… But I can tell you I was emotionally overwhelmed.  We are certainly grateful of for the Hickey Family Foundation grant and are so appreciative of the loyalty of a former Alcoa Family member.

I've learned a lot about the history of Alcoa, and the type of person Little League develops.  My history knowledge really only scratches the surface.  If you know Alcoa History, please share!


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